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The Homemaker's Library members get unlimited access to an amazing amount of content! You won’t believe everything that is included! As a Homemaker's Library club member, you’ll have hundreds of resources at your fingertips.

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  • And last but not least, get INSTANT access to my exclusive new eBooks, courses, printables, and other content I'll be adding regularly.

I've collected all of my products, resources, and printables into this easy to use, exclusive Homemaker's Library Membership site. Inside, you'll find well over $500 in products all for one low price. Not only that, but I'll be adding new content regularly.

If you've been a part of A Virtuous Woman's community for any length of time, you know how helpful all of the free printables are inside the free resource library. When you become a member of The Homemaker's Library, you won't have to enter your email to download every new printable - just hop over to the members only area and download the printable straight away!! Easy peasy!!

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The Homemaker's Library Club Members will GET ALL OF IT --- you'll have instant access to everything I offer in my shop and more!! Every new eBook. Every new course. Every new printable product. Your small monthly membership fee will cover EVERYTHING!!!

PLUS you'll receive a members only weekly email that keeps you informed of what's new so you don't miss a thing!!

The Ministry of Homemaking Facebook Group

Be a part of my private Facebook group that offers even more encouraging resources for homemakers. We'll be discussing topics like: homemaking, cleaning, organizing, decluttering, faith, family, and more.

The Homemaker's Library

Imagine waking up and never having to wonder what you need to do next. What if you could open your homemaking binder and check off your to do list each day and your house would stay neat and tidy?

What if you no longer needed to wonder what you were cooking for dinner because your meal plan was already in place? What if you had everything you needed to stay organized and sane in one place?

What if instead of spending precious time each week trying to figure it all out, it was already done for you so that you could focus on those things that really matter?

I want to help you get organized and stay that way!!

Here's What You Get - You Get It ALL!!

I'm so excited to be able to offer you this annual membership resource.

  • UNLIMITED ACCESS to a growing library of homemaking printables
  • EASY ACCESS - no more logging in to multiple pages to get downloads
  • NEW EXCLUSIVE PRINTABLES added every month
  • INSTANT ACCESS TO ALL my products, courses, ebooks, printables, and more
  • DESIGNED for the busy Christian woman
  • MONTHLY Bible Reading Plans
  • WAHM Blogging + Homemaking Planner


  • The Disciplined Homemaker Course ($37 value)
  • A Time to Clean Course ($27 value)
  • Spring Cleaning for the Heart and Home ($27 value)
  • Cultivating a Heart of Self Discipline: Mini Course ($7 value)
  • One Week to an Organized Home eCourse ($12 value)


  • The Martha Planner - ($27 value)
  • The Martha Planner w/ Meal Planning - ($27 value)

Get started now!

The Purpose 31 Homemaking Library

You'll also find my growing library of homemaking printables here with new printables added each month. My Purpose 31 Printable library is designed to help you grow closer to God, be more efficient, get more done, and have more time to give to yourself and your family.

Inside The Homemaker's Library you'll find hundreds of printable pages to help you find peace in your heart and peace in your home.


I had to learn the hard way how to say no with grace ... so I had room in my life to say yes to the best! Intentional Homemaking isn't just about cleaning your house - although a clean house is nice!

Rather, Intentional Homemaking is about creating a life that you love and creating a space that feels like home.

Because home is where real life happens.

  • home is where the people you love gather to encourage each other and grow together
  • home is where your friends come to bond over cookies and milk
  • home is where your children learn what it means to be a honorable human being
  • home is where you nurse your sick loved ones and care for their hurting hearts
  • home should be a respite from this harsh world and a haven for the wounded spirit


With a huge variety of homemaking printables, you'll know what to do each day to keep your home running. With a daily action plan you'll be able to get those chores done quickly and free yourself to spend time doing those things that really matter - like playing with your kids or holding hands with your husband.


  • to grow your faith
  • to lose weight and get in shape
  • to drink more water
  • to eat a healthier diet
  • to go to bed every night with a clean kitchen
  • to play with your children more
  • to date your husband


I've been teaching women how to meal plan for over a decade. Never wonder what's for supper again - 30 minutes before everyone is starving to death! Instead, learn to meal plan like a pro. Spend a few minutes each week filling out your menu planner, shopping list, and checking sales flyers for sales and your done.

With a variety of meal planning printables just waiting to be filled out, you'll have a plan, save time and money, and you'll find time to sit at the table together to eat on a regular basis.


Inside the Homemaking Library, you'll find monthly budget printables to help you keep track of where your money goes. Pay down your debt. Track your spending. Grow your savings.


The Purpose 31 Homemaking Library of printables is designed for Christian women. You'll find inspiring Bible verses and more inside!

You long to be an amazing wife, mother, and homemaker.
You desire a deeper relationship with Christ.
You want to live an intentional life.
You want to live a life of abundant joy.

Let's do this.

Here's what's included:

  The Homemaker's Circle Notebook for this Month
Available in days
days after you enroll
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Decluttering Your Home
Available in days
days after you enroll
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Budget Resources
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Work at Home & Blogging Resources
Available in days
days after you enroll

I'm so excited to share The Purpose 31 Homemaker's Library with you! It's a planning library for your home and family - all ready created for you!!

Remember, all it takes is one small step of faith to get started on your journey to peace in your heart and peace in your home. Let's do this together.

Are you ready to join me?

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Products Included with Purchase

A Time to Clean: 30 Day Challenge
How a Messy Home Reflects the Heart
Melissa Ringstaff
One Week to a More Organized Home
Because home is where real life happens.
Melissa Ringstaff
Spring Cleaning for the Heart and Home: 30 Day Challenge
Spring is here! It's time to clean our hearts and home!
Melissa Ringstaff
The Disciplined Homemaker Course
Cultivating a Heart of Self Discipline at Home
Melissa Ringstaff
Cultivating a Heart of Self Discipline: Mini Course
Melissa Ringstaff
Homeschooling Library
Printables for Homeschooling Families
Melissa Ringstaff
Abundant Living Library
Melissa Ringstaff
Seasons, Celebrations, and Holidays Library
Melissa Ringstaff

Original Price: $115

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in my monthly or annual membership?
You'll receive access to all the printable resources, ebooks, and products in my shop and resource library inside this exclusive membership club. You'll also receive access to the homemaking classes listed above in the description.
What if I am unhappy with the membership or need to cancel?
I don't see how you could possibly be unhappy with your membership to The Homemaker's Library. However, if you find you no longer need the amazing resources inside the membership site, you can cancel at any time.