Wednesday: Buying Less, Making Do

This Morning's Worship Song.


A Time to Clean: Day 18

The idea that less is more is a good one, don't you think? The problem comes when we don't actually put the principle into practice. Hmm, that could apply to a lot of things!

It's so easy to come out of a store with bags of things you didn't intend to buy when you walked in. Like when you go shopping for a new green blouse to go with that skirt you love and you come out with three blouses, a pair of jeans, a hand towel, a candle, a dress for your daughter, two new scarfs, and a pair of boots. All because they were on sale or better yet - on the clearance rack! But you couldn't find a green blouse in the right shade. So you decided to try the other store and see what they have.

Buying Less

There comes a point when making the decision to buy less really makes sense. In fact, buying less makes so much sense because buying less means less stuff to clean, organize, move around, make room for, dust, and clean again.

Not only that, but buying less could save you a ton of money!

Sometimes living a simpler, less stressful life means that not only do you declutter on a regular basis so that your home stays clutter free, but you actually buy less new stuff and make do with what you already have.

We all like shiny new things. It's fun! But do we need every shiny new thing that comes onto the market? Could we be happy with what we already own?

Could your money be better used by saving for retirement, helping to build a new church in New Guinea, or donating to your church? What would happen if we sacrificed of our own wants a little more?

Making Do

Making do with what we have is really more about contentment and stewardship than anything. It's about reusing, recycling, and repurposing. It's about living a life that isn't about things but about people.

I try to live this way. I'm going to try harder going forward! It's so easy to be caught up in the latest new thing or the latest fashion or the lastest trend. Or to feel like we're happier when we have new things. The problem with filling up that void in our hearts with temporal things is just that - it's not lasting. Instead of seeking happiness by buying new things, we should be seeking true JOY which only comes from our Father in Heaven.

"The Lord hath done great things for us; whereof we are glad." Psalm 126:3 KJV.

I'd much rather hear God's voice saying, "Well done, my good and faithful servant. You helped build many churches in my name and so many people were reached for the Kingdom!" than hear Him say, "You filled your home with the treasures of this world when you could have shared more with my people."

How will you purpose today to live with less, buy less, and make do?

Today's Goal

  • Have you struggled with buying too much stuff instead of being content with less? Pray and ask God to show you where you need to make changes.
  • Pray about making hard decisions – about what things you should keep, preserve, or let go.
  • This week we're working in our Bathrooms. Do as much as you can to fill a bag with clutter and continue to declutter other areas around your home as you're able.
  • This week we want to continue with the routine of of going to bed with a clean kitchen, sparkling sink, and clear counters if you aren't in this habit already as well as making sure your the areas you have already cleaned are neat before you turn in at night.
  • Fill at least one bag or box full of stuff to give away.
  • Take a picture of your bag. Share it in our Facebook group and Instagram if you life - use hashtag #atimetoclean
  • Do your best to wake up early tomorrow, read tomorrow's lesson and spend time in prayer. Write in your prayer journal.