Specific Are to Clean & Declutter: Living Rooms/ Family Rooms

Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men. Colossians 3:23

We are starting week three of our 30 day challenge. Are you noticing a difference in your heart and in your home?

Sometimes change doesn’t come as quickly as we hope for, but God uses the long process of change to refine us and to teach us about himself.

A tidy home might seem like an impossible goal that won’t be appreciated by your family but remember that even when all the tasks of life feel overwhelming that you are working as unto the Lord.

Today we are going to take a look at the family rooms. Maybe there are carpet stains from spilled drinks, maybe there are overwhelming piles of magazines and books. Perhaps this is the espace your family chooses to leave coats and book bags and briefcases.

If you have been enjoying decluttering in solitude make sure that you choose a time when your family is occupied outside the home. If you want the company of your loved ones then feel free to invite them to join you in your cleaning efforts.

The first thing to do in this room is simple. Take a moment to sit down among the clutter and ask God to bless each person who comes in this room. Proclaim that you are doing this work for Him. Pray for the strangers who will visit. Pray for the friends you will host. Pray for your spouse, your in-laws, your parents, your children, and your children’s friends. Pray that the family rooms of your house would become a welcoming reflection of a family resting in the joy of salvation.

When you’re feeling ready to take on the physical task of cleaning here are a few guidelines to help you:

First, find enough boxes or bins so that each family member (even pets if applicable) have their own box. As you sort through the room and find items that belong to specific family members place those items in their proper bins. You can decide if you would like each family member to put away items from their own bins or if you want to do that for them.

Tips for helping you clean the Living Rooms/Family Rooms:

  1. Gather all curtains, throw pillows and blankets and start them in the washing machine or as instructed by the manufacturer on the tags. When you put the pillows in the dryer add a few clean tennis balls to help keep the pillows fluffy.
  2. Dust any ceiling fans first. Then work your way down, dusting any pictures or other items hanging on the walls. Next, move down to the next layer of dust which is probably shelves, end tables, and the television. Working on dust from the top down helps the dust to ultimately settle on the floor to be vacuumed or swept up.
  3. Straighten all book and DVD shelves so that things are lined up neatly. If you have baskets or side tables for magazines sort through those and get rid of any outdated materials. Local libraries, food banks, or doctors offices might like the magazines as a donation.
  4. Find a nice bin or toy box with a lid where all the toys belonging to young children can go. Also think about which toys can be culled and which toys are most loved.
  5. Vacuum everything. Carpets, baseboards, furniture, and don’t forget the windowsills.
  6. Shampoo the carpets or area rugs or use a steam mop for hard flors. If you already own a carpet cleaner, great! Otherwise you can usually rent one for around $20 a day. If you don’t have carpet in your house but you do have large rugs you might consider going in with a friend on the rental of the shampooer so you can save a few dollars and split the cleaning benefits.

Items to Consider De-Cluttering in the Family Rooms

  1. Old magazines
  2. Wall art you don’t love
  3. DVDs you kids have out grown
  4. Tattered furniture
  5. Ragged rugs
  6. Unloved toys
  7. Ratty throw pillows