Specific Area to Clean & Declutter: The Master Bedroom

Watch the video and then read the lesson below.

Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me. Psalm 51:1

Today's the day. Are you ready to see your life changed?

God is faithful to answer our prayers if we are seeking a clean heart and a right spirit. Ask God to forgive you for the bitterness you have held onto for too long and ask Him to help you forgive those in your life who have hurt you too many times.

Your bedroom is a place of rest and the space should feel like a haven. My guess is that you have struggled to maintain a haven of rest in your bedroom. So this week, that is our goal.

Our challenge begins in the master bedroom. We're beginning in the bedroom because it's the room you wake up to every day. When you put your feet on the floor and rise to stand, what do you see?

Perhaps this morning you saw dirty laundry on the floor, piles of papers and books stacked on your dresser, dirty dishes on your nightstand, and laundry baskets piled with clean, but wrinkled stale clothes. Perhaps your room is filled with stuff you didn't know where else to put and so you tossed it in the corner of your bedroom because not many people outside of your family visit your bedroom.

I know you'd much rather wake up in a bed with fresh smelling sheets, laundry folded neatly and in your drawers, a tidy nightstand, and when you walk into your bathroom, it smells good, the sink is clean, there are clean towels to use.

So, let's get started.

The first thing you're going to do is strip the sheets off the bed if it's been more than a week since you last washed them. If you have fresh sheets in the closet, you can go ahead and make the bed.

If not, go put the sheets into the washer and get them started.

Moving on to the rest of the room; first you will want to locate an empty laundry basket. If all your baskets are full your first task is to empty one by putting away its contents.

Now, use the empty laundry basket as a catchall. Fill the basket with items that do not belong in your bedroom. Once the basket is filled you can carry the basket around the house and put things away.

Remember. Don't focus on how much work needs to be done. You can only pick up one thing at a time. Choose a section of the room and begin putting things away.

You can do this.

Perhaps choose a small horizontal area as your first cleaning zone: maybe your nightstand? This way you will quickly have a neat and tidy space you can keep glancing at for encouragement while you tackle the rest of the space.

Part of this challenge is to purge one bag of clutter from your house each day. Now's a great time to go through your clothes and get rid of any pieces that you don't absolutely love. Be brutally honest with yourself. Now is not the time to put off decision making. You want freedom from clutter and the only way you will have that freedom is to let things go.

Here are a few helpful tips for cleaning the master bedroom:

#1 If your mattress needs refreshing sprinkle baking soda on the surface after you strip the sheets. Let the baking soda sit for a few hours if possible and then vacuum it off the mattress.

If you have help you can move the mattress outside to air out, but if you don’t have an extra set of muscles around you can simply open the window to your bedroom to let the fresh air in.

The baking soda and fresh air will deodorize and refresh your mattress.

#2 While your sheets are in the wash don’t forget to grab any curtains or rugs that are machine washable and throw them in the machine too.

Washing all the linens will minimize dust and help the room feel fresher.

#3 Keep a trash bag with you while you sort through your master bedroom. There might be more garbage than you realized.

Don’t forget to scan the carpet before you vacuum for any small trash that needs to go in the bag instead of clogging your vacuum.

#4 Also, don’t forget to be collecting things to put in the bag that is leaving your house today. This is a great time to let go of items that have been weighing you down emotionally or spiritually.

It can be hard to let go of things {and we'll be talking about this in more detail later in the week} but remember that most change is a little uncomfortable and this is for your benefit.

#5 If you are sensitive to smells dig out your baking soda again and sprinkle it on your carpet. Let it sit a while before you vacuum it up and it will absorb any funky odor that might be lurking.

Baking soda can be used all over the house so keep it handy throughout the challenge.

This challenge to clean your master bedroom may take you an afternoon, but it may take longer - and that's okay! The important thing is to keep going even when it's hard. If you feel discouraged, ask God to help you move through the task, ask for forgiveness if you feel the need to, and focus on the outcome, not the journey.

Be sure to visit the Facebook Group and let us know how you're doing, if you feel discouraged, and share photos, questions, and encouragement with one another!

When you are done cleaning take a few minutes to bask in all the fresh beauty of a tidy room. We want to see photos of the finished results!